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Kona Wilkinson

Quantum Healing Facilitator

"I am polished by the challenges I have overcome".

I had a dominant 17 career with the D.C. Divas American football team in Washington DC wearing #33. Playing with amazing teammates, winning three National Championships in DC and two Gold Medals with the USA Football Women's National Team are some of my most cherished memories. Nicknamed "The Animal" I was an All-Star at three different positions and was inducted into the Women's football Hall of Fame and D.C. Divas Hall of Fame upon retirement. This success came at a price as I sustained numerous injuries which include 10 concussions, multiple sprained ankles, broken, torn and dislocated fingers, a torn labrum in my shoulder, torn ACL, MCL and PCL in my knee, a serious neck injury that caused my arm and hand to go numb, a broken back, three knee surgeries, finger surgery and occipital neuralgia surgery.


During my 18 seasons of football in 17 years, I began my journey into energy healing and alternative modalities for improving my performance and recovery. This opened me up to a world of energy-based modalities that changed my life and allowed me to become one of the most prolific players in women's football history.


These modalities include magnetic and far infrared technologies, structured/living water, whole food nutrition, cellular detox, light therapy, ARPWave neuro re-education, performance mindset training, playing in The Zone, mind/body/spirit integration, consciousness exploration and expansion, and redox signaling - a quantum cellular technology for shifting the aging paradigm.


I became known as the ageless one as I demonstrated a high level of performance and longevity into my 40's in football, one of the world's highest impact sports.


I continued my training in quantum healing after I retired from football in 2017. I was certified as a Bioenergetic practitioner through NES Health and trained to become an International Kambo practitioner serving the indigenous medicine of the Amazon.


I embody health, vitality and longevity. I'm living my life's mission to build a bridge to the new earth and bring leading-edge health technologies to the people who resonate with them. I offer my healing experience, wisdom and this quantum healing program to you so you can create abundant energy and vitality for life!

Are you ready for a quantum upgrade?


My clients refer to me as the "miracle woman!"

Retired Professional Athlete
Biohacking Enthusiast




2003 DC vs Baltimore

2013 Team USA

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