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Remote Bioenergetic Services

Providing Everything You Need for a Bioenergetic Upgrade at HOME!

Working Mom

 Optimize your body’s energy control system from home


Work with Kona's Quantum Healing without ever needing to leave home! We’ll send the proprietary scanning technology directly to your home so you can get set up and going in a matter of days.

Just connect it to any computer with an internet connection and scan yourself in seconds. We’ll review your scan and you’ll schedule a time to discuss the results.

Kona will then suggest how you can balance the state of your energy control system, supporting communication and the flow of energy throughout the body. With this approach, you support the body’s own incredible ability to keep itself well.

You’ll get FREE access to:

  • Our book, Energy 4 Life, as a digital download

  • Full-length movies on the cutting edge science of bioenergetics, supercharging your energy, and facing life’s most important “Choice Points”

  • Powerful video lessons on the latest science of holistic living for your body, mind, environment, and social sphere … including practical steps for transforming your life

  • Our popular “imprinted” music that’s more than just soothing to hear; it’s designed to alter your energy fields and promote positive emotions

  • Bioenergetic recipes: start looking at food prep in a whole new light

  • And more!

Meditating in Nature

Recharge and Support

When the blocks to information are addressed – chief among these the residue of shocks and traumas – there is this cycle between building energy and healing the body until recovery gradually takes place. You should remember that, as recovery takes place, it is helpful to increase your efforts to recharge the body’s battery to support this process.

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