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The Foundation of
Your Energy and Wellness!

Energy Source

Looks at how well information is flowing through the body-field. For good health and optimum performance, your body needs an abundance of free-flowing energy. 

Energy Flow

River Rapids

Looks at how well information is flowing through the body-field through the 12 Energetic Integrators. Together they form a comprehensive communication network that directs the flow of energy and information around the body (instantaneously) ensuring that every bit of the body knows what it’s doing and that information arrives in the right place at the right time.



Looks at the body-field’s response to certain emotions, which may be at the core of more health issues than anything else. Emotions are an expression of how we feel. They are an integral part of our human experience. They are a message about our state of being and the most important indicator of 'how we are' in the world. Emotions are intimately linked to beliefs and thoughts.


Power Plant

Looks at the body-field’s response to a variety of environmental toxins or electromagnetic exposure. Priority readings indicate the body-field’s inability to correctly respond to these elements.

Life Journey

Street Fashion Photography

This screen gives insight into areas within your life that you may wish to look at to aid the process of aligning with your life's purpose and making the choices that will take you to your goals.

Energy Strength

Break Dancer

Assessment of the strength of cell and organ powered fields, giving us an indirect look at the function of the organs themselves. Here we are looking at how well energy is being driven through the major organ and system networks in your body. 

Mind Body

Woman with Freckles

Looks at the impact of stress and emotional shocks and traumas on the body-field. 

The mind is the part of us that represents awareness and has two fundamental aspects:

  1. The part we rely on in our day-to-day activities and associated with thoughts, intellect, reasoning, beliefs, values, memories, conditional emotions. 

  2. The second aspect only reveals itself when the conditional mind is quiet. This part is associated with intuition, will, creativity, collective consciousness, being in the 'now', unconditional emotions, inner guidance, spiritual connection. 

Energetic Immunity

Touching the Surface

Looks at the informational foundation to the body’s immune and recovery systems. 

The 16 Energetic Terrain (ET) fields form part of the human body-field and have many functions including:

  • Providing healing messages for self-repair of body tissues.

  • Forming an important part of the body's 'energetic immune system'.


Fresh Produce

Looks at the body-field’s response to a number of nutrients and nutritional issues. Priority readings indicate the body-field’s inability to correctly respond to these nutrients, to correctly metabolise, etc.

After a crash in energy, following the inability to correct a problem, you enter a chronic phase of dis-ease. You will not escape this phase until you can mount the appropriate response. This is done by addressing the following:
build energy.jpg

Building the necessary energy, is supported by “Charging the Body’s Battery” and by Energetic Driver Infoceuticals. There are other Infoceuticals that also support the energy exchange with your environment, and further helps to charge that battery.

address toxins.jpg

Addressing toxin / pathogen exposure. When you work with Kona's Quantum Healing in our 6-month program, you’ll learn many practical steps to keep your environment clean. Since the body has natural processes to eliminate toxin buildup, any of our Infoceuticals (which are designed to support the body’s proper function) may help these processes, while specific Infoceuticals may support the body’s clearing of things like molds and bacteria. But again, this is only a bandage approach unless you address any ongoing exposure by taking the steps found in our program.

clear energetic residue.jpg

Clearing the energetic residue of shock, trauma, and unhealthy stress. Emotions may be the #1 factor in chronic disease – they are a much larger issue than most people realize. There are, of course, many approaches to helping people through the aftermath of trauma and shock; We identify trapped emotional energies in the body-field and support their resolution with what we call our Brain Hologram and Liberator Infoceuticals. By addressing the energetic residue of emotional events, we also remove them as blockades to clear communication in the body-field. Our system also recommends ESR, designed to bioenergetically relieve day-to-day stress.

mount healing response.jpg

With adequate energy and the removal of anything that would block communication, we have the opportunity to mount the informational healing response of the body’s Energetic Terrains, which Kona's Quantum Healing can do based on our bioenergetic assessment and Energetic Terrain Infoceuticals. These help to ensure that this healing response takes place and that the information is clear and correct.

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