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Kambô Offerings

Private one-on-one, small or larger group sessions and Kambô circles. Professional Coaching through your exploratory journey under the guidance and supervision of a professional Ordained Minister and Certified Kambô Practitioner in comfortable and relaxing surroundings.

Kona's Quantum Healing offers the following Kambô ceremony options.



Everyone receives a traditional basic treatment on their first Kambô session: detoxification and re-balancing of your body's systems. Further and more complex treatments can specifically target symptoms to boost healing. All Kambô treatments benefit wellness. They trigger self-healing by unlocking physical and energetic blockages.

Health improvements… Most notably immune function boost and mental clarity. Kambô contains an “assortment of peptides, neuropeptides and biopeptides that have very specific functions in the human body including neurotransmission, pain relief, anti-inflammation, detoxification, immune system boosting, hormone balance, antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic.”

Under the ministry of the Universal Life Church, in accordance with IAKP protocols, Kona's Quantum Healing offers several advanced treatments for acute, chronic or challenging conditions.  

Advanced treatments can be helpful for targeting numerous health, emotional and spiritual concerns, and Kona tailors these advanced treatments based on your bioenergetic scan done before the session.


Kambô treatments can target specific areas that align with symptoms described by the recipient. This method allows for rapid transformation and targeted healing. Medicine is applied to meridian, chakra and auricular systems during the treatment.

When working on specific issues or building up the immune system treatments are recommended to be done three times in a moon cycle and can be administered for up to 7 days straight combined with dietary commitments.


Kambô is not for everyone. Kambô is a strong vasodilator and causes changes in blood pressure and heart rate. With that there are contraindications that are honored. Kambô is an intense physical experience and for those who are in a particularly weak state, Kambo will not be suitable.

The Kambô application process entails a list of questions that will help Kona go deeper into your medical history to see if you are a good candidate to participate in a ceremony.

Contraindications for Kambô:

  • Anyone with a serious heart condition

  • Anyone with a history of blood clots or aneurysms 

  • Anyone with seriously high or low blood pressure

  • Anyone undergoing Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy

  • Anyone who is taking immunosuppressant drugs

  • Anyone with severe epilepsy

  • Anyone who is pregnant or breast feeding

  • Anyone recovering from surgery

  • Anyone under 18

As long as there are no contraindications, Kambô is safe and can provide tremendous benefits for clearing the body.

Rapé – pronounced “Hapeh”


Rapé is a powdered snuff made of ash and various plant materials. Rapé connects you to the energy and the healing spirits of the forest and further works to reduce panema*, which in turn increases positive force. It assists in meditation, induces visions, connects you with nature, induce relaxation or to stimulate a purge during the ceremony. 

Rapé is administered by blowing the snuff up each nostril in succession. People report a slight stinging or burning sensation after application, which is temporary. Rapé helps to clear sinus problems and headaches, it also may induce heightened awareness, mental focus, clarity, deeper meditation, cleansing, grounding, emotional and energetic release, spiritual insight and opening and awakening of the heart.

When administered as part of the Kambô treatment, Rapé is used to facilitate the release of blockages and encourages the purging process



Sananga is a potent eye medicine used by Amazonian tribes.

This naturally potent plant extract restores physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual balance.

Many people today use it in conjunction with Kambô.The Amazonian hunters use Sananga drops to increase night vision, color perception, and image definition.In our busy lives, we can use Sananga to prevent various physical eye conditions, such as glaucoma, astigmatism, near-sightedness, far-sightedness, myopia, cataract, conjunctivitis, dry eyes, and blindness among others.These potent eye drops can detoxify the whole body and are known to be anti-inflammatory as well as an effective treatment for skin infections, due to their anti-microbial properties.

Used in conjunction with Kambô, Sananga may help heal emotional disorders like addiction, depression, and anxiety. On a spiritual level, while it clears long-standing inner anger, this natural plant medicine resets the whole body’s energetic field and treats spiritual diseases – known as panema. At a higher level, Sananga promotes the decalcification of the pineal gland, enhancing inner vision and clarity in the third eye chakra while awakening spiritual intuition, inner-knowing, and meditation.

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